On the cards for Jaipur Literature Festival 2017

JLF 2017 might leave you bewildered with the lavish spread of knowledge and ideas its numerous speakers have to offer. Therefore, here are some handpicked sessions you might not want to miss on January 20, 2017.


  1. Suspected Poetry

Gulzar and Pavan K Varma, two suspicious men, in conversation.

Charbagh section of the venue will be mesmerized with the poetry reading by Gulzar.  The session of readings, musings on poetry and the contemporary world scenario is a must attend.


  1. Kohinoor

kohinoor book

Anita Anand and William Dalrymple introduced by Swapan Dasgupta

Locked in the Tower of London, Kohinoor is probably the smallest object with an abundant history. Discovered in Kollur mines of Guntur in Andhra Pradesh, India, in the 13th century, Kohinoor has enticed the world with its beauty. The cursed diamond has landed in the hands of supreme leaders across South Asia until it ended up in the crown of Queen of England.

Anita Anand and William Dalrymple blow away the stereotypes associated with the charming possession of the Queen in their latest book, Kohinoor. It is the legends associated with the jewel and the truths they hold, that make the session intriguing.

mridula koshy


  1. Aspire: The Freedom to Dream

Mridula Koshy in conversation with Puneeta Roy

Complying with the theme of the event this year- ‘Freedom to Dream: India at 70’. In a stirring session, writer and librarian Mridula Koshy encourages the reader in all, tells us of the strength and life one can derive from books and poetry, words and ideas.


  1. Uttara Kanda: Searching Sita
    Arshia Sattar and Volga in conversation with Vayu Naidu

sita 2 sita 3 sita1

Sita, with her silent endurance, loyalty, and devotion, has emerged as a feminist icon. Many writers attempt to capture the complex universe of Ramayana into their texts, few depict the new characteristics of the protagonist, while others try to fit the epic into a new mold. Arshia Sattar (Uttara Kanda), Volga (The Liberation of Sita) and Vayu Naidu (Sita’s Ascent) discuss Sita, who had no choice but to sacrifice, either dignity or family.

  1. Gambits and Game Changers: Relooking the Indian Economy

Mihir S. Sharma, Ram Gopal Agarwal and Surjit Bhalla, in conversation with John Elliott

The panel of economists and journalists discuss what’s at stake with the current situation of Indian economy.  Is the Prime Minister’s bold move of demonetization, paving the path for a fairer economy ahead or whether the undernourished, unskilled and illiterate are in the illusion of better future and are suffering in the crisis?

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