Simon Sinek on ‘Millennials in the Workplace’

Today, the fresh graduates without much hustle get hired by one corporation or the other. Every organization, no matter on which scale it is working, they are on a lookout for young, talented, competent graduates who can bring in new ideas along with a zeal to learn.

Then again, does this inexperienced lot of Millennials (born 1994 and after) prove to be as productive and efficient as expected out of them? If not what makes the generation, which has all the resources at their disposal, lack?

Simon Sinek is a world-renowned author, speaker, and consultant on leadership and management. In an interview with Tom Bilyeu for an episode of Inside Quest, he explains the challenges faced by employers with the Millennials they hire.millenials

Simon begins by a rather offending statement that Millennials are an inconsistent, entitled, lazy, and unfocused lot which is quite tough to manage. The lot which does want to work with an organization with a purpose. Yet, to make an ‘impact’ their primary requirements are “free food and bean bags”. That is definitely going to help them make a difference. It fails to. Why? What are they missing?

Sinek bifurcates the missing piece into four characteristics which went unaccounted for when this generation was growing up. They are parenting, technology, impatience, and environment of the organization they work in.

According to the speaker, this pseudo-ambitious generation is a result of ‘Failed Parenting Strategies.’ An inefficient wisdom of parents who did tell their children that they can have anything they want in life yet forgot to mention the hard work required to get there.

Being an expert consultant Simon also highlights the increasing addiction of technology and social media amongst youth. Explaining the effect of Social media on our lives he states that the same chemical- DOPAMINE which is released in the body when one, gambles or drinks is also released when one receives a message. He objects “we have age restrictions for smoking gambling and alcohol but no age restrictions for social media and cell phones, which is equivalent to opening up a liquor cabinet and saying to our children  ‘Hey, by the way, this adolescence thing never lets you down!’”

Simon states that being unable to cope with stress and lacking skill set is not a fault of their own, they are dealt with a bad hand. Therefore, to bring them back from the utopia, which they created for themselves on Facebook or Instagram, someone has to take the responsibility. Someone will have to teach them the right skill set to deal with stress and that all good things take time.

Watch the excerpt of Simon Sinek speaking about Millennials in the workplace of today, from an episode of Inside Quest with Tom Bilyeu, to find out who the speaker considers responsible for improving the performance of the Millennials in the workspace.

Whether you are a millennial or not, or perhaps wonder if any term like this even exists, go through the video. Feel welcome to share your opinions.

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