A Curios Film Student Sneaks a Peek into the Life of a Thief

All professions evolve with advanced skills and better opportunities, so did pick-pocketing. Unlike earlier instead of few currency notes and pennies, now the loot consists of expensive watches, cell phones, and gadgets which could have cost the owner a fortune. Then again, pick-pocketing is a skill not learned the easy way.



Anthony Van der Meer was victimized by one such professional when his iPhone got stolen. Once the SIM and internet connectivity were removed from the phone by the thief, all anti-theft software pre-installed on the phone failed to detect it. Reporting to the police didn’t help either.

Anthony is a film student from Amsterdam, who then became curious to discover the lives of people who steal the phones and what do they do with the cell phones. Therefore, he decided to plant another smartphone, get it stolen and find out where it ends up. But this time he was prepared, he installed necessary spyware which could be used to keep a tab on the location and activities taking place on the phone.screenshot-45_edited

The anti-theft app CERBERUS was installed craftily as Anthony managed to get the name of the software changed, making it unidentifiable for the thief. Phone microphones and cameras were modified to share all the data with him. Through this, he could stay connected with the person using the phone, listen to his conversations, and even access his call details.


In a while, once he got his phone picked, he started receiving emails from the software. They contained details of the locations of his phone and current status. He followed the thief for the next 2 weeks and kept a record of everything that was happening on his stolen phone. the information he gathered, contained pictures, videos, conversations, contacts, and locations. Later, he converted the entire chain of events into a documentary which he shared on YouTube.screenshot-48_edited

You might find the content disturbing or confusing at times. Yet, it is 21 minutes out of the incidences which took place in the life of a real thief in two weeks. A footage through which you might get to know more than you do about where your stolen gadgets might end up.

Here is the documentary shared by Van der Meer on his virtual encounters with the life of a cell phone thief.

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